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Reiki… Brighton… the World…

Treat yourself to a relaxing Reiki session in Brighton or wherever you are in the World. Mobile Reiki comes to you in and around Brighton, or you can receive Absent healing anywhere. Alternatively, you can visit me at Anahata Health Clinic.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle, powerful relaxation technique that can help your mind and body heal themselves. Reiki energy is channelled into you from the Universe via a Reiki practitioner. Reiki always knows what your mind and body need at any point in time.
What is Reiki?… (continued)

A bit about Reiki & me

I love Reiki. Just before driving to my first Reiki treatment in 1998, I got back to my car, which was parked in Brighton, to find that someone had driven into it, leaving the front of the car smashed up and sitting on the ground. There was no note left.

I knew almost nothing about Reiki at that time and was quite awed when I got to the clinic to hear the Reiki practitioner smilingly assure me that Reiki is magic and that I might just find that after the treatment, the situation with my car could well resolve itself…

After the treatment, I went back to where my car had been hit and thought to knock on one of the doors in the street. A man answered, holding a piece of paper on which he’d written down the details of the vehicle that had hit my car. The insurance money I was then able to claim covered my MOT fixes too! As I was a student at the time, without much spare cash, I was thrilled with this result. My love for Reiki had begun…

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Benefits of Reiki

One of the main benefits of Reiki is that it helps you relax mentally and physically. This stress relief can help your body to start to heal itself.

Reiki works on people, animals, plants, inanimate objects, situations, goals. Here are a few examples of the benefits of Reiki…

  • Relaxation
  • Anxiety relief
  • Stress relief
  • Pain relief
  • Insomnia relief
  • Increasing your energy
  • Recovering from operations
  • Speeding up the healing process
  • Releasing toxins
  • Spiritual healing
  • Creativity
  • Mental clarity
  • Direction in life
  • Studying for exams
  • Finding and remembering things
  • Fixing electrical equipment
  • Plants love Reiki
  • Pets love Reiki

The benefits of Reiki are endless. Reiki even works through Time and Space… With Absent healing, also known as ‘Distant Healing’, you can receive a Reiki treatment anywhere in the world—or have Reiki energy sent into your past or future.

Reiki is magic. Reiki can work miracles in your life.

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Stress relief

One of the main benefits of Reiki is relaxation, or stress relief. When you are stressed, you create ‘dis-ease.’ in your mind or body. According to the Health and Safety Executive:

  • In 2008/09 an estimated 415,000 individuals in Britain, who worked in the last year, believed that they were experiencing work-related stress at a level that was making them ill.
  • Work-related stress, depression or anxiety accounted for an estimated 11.4 million lost working days in Britain in 2008/09.

Reiki can travel at any distance. Experience Absent healing, or book a hands-on Reiki treatment to promote stress relief or pain relief.

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Try a Reiki treatment at no risk

Reiki is an amazingly powerful healing energy, but sometimes people are not ready to receive it or blocks otherwise occur. If you feel that your Reiki experience did not work for you, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

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Mobile Reiki testimonials

[Email from Lyra following an Absent healing (Distant Reiki) session:]
What a lovely, positive experience I had this morning. I started to feel physical benefits immediately and my mind quietened down right away. My back muscles relaxed and after a while I felt my arms and legs relaxing very deeply as well. I felt all my face muscles relax and I was aware that I was lying there, smiling. When I looked in the mirror I could see how different my face looked from when I phoned you earlier. I looked so relaxed. When I walked downstairs my muscles felt stronger as well. Many thanks for this fascinating experience.
Lyra, Brighton

I thought I’d died and gone to Heaven!
Morag Munro, Holistic Therapist, Brighton

I met Helen in Stammer Park on a beautiful summer’s day…! This was a completely new experience for me. To have this treatment performed outside four walls, in direct contact with nature; the sunshine, the wind blowing through the leaves, and the energy that I felt coming through her hands… Just amazing…! I will encourage everybody that is willing to find inner peace for at least a short space of time to give it a go…!
Ralph Tiemann

Both deeply effective and very gentle, Reiki, for me, is like having my mind, body and spirit soothed in a warm multi-coloured bath. I am a hyper-sensitive individual and my sessions with Helen proved to be, through her gentle and capable touch, a healing experience with absolutely no negative side-effects.
Josephine Humphrey, Journalist and Writer, Brighton

Reiki is uplifting, acting on a deeper level of my psyche than other therapies I have tried. Helen brings a special sensitivity and power to the sessions.
Caroline Richardson, Personal Trainer, Brighton

[On six weekly Absent healing (Distant Reiki) sessions to Julia’s horse, Galaxy—for physical and psychological healing:]
Reiki was something different to try after conventional methods were exhausted and it also offered the potential to work on both body and spirit. Also the potential to work with an animal in a non-invasive and non-confrontational way was valuable. The most enjoyable part was seeing some significant changes in Galaxy's well-being and her general personality becoming much less stressed and friendlier. I would recommend Reiki and Helen, as she provided me with good feedback after each session and listened very carefully to my observations and tuned the next session in appropriately.
Julia Darnell, IT Manager

Helen used her impressive Reiki skills to get me going in an emergency. It really works.
Christina Grzasko, MD of Anya Designs Ltd, Brighton

A thought is harmless unless we believe it.
Byron Katie