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Experience a relaxing session of Reiki Japanese energy healing with me, Helen, in your own home. I visit you in Brighton, Hove, Peacehaven, Lewes, and the surrounding areas of Sussex. Or you could experience Reiki anywhere in the world with absent healing.

I also practise an ancient Egyptian style of energy healing called Sekhem; and I practise Indian head massage. For the ultimate in relaxation, try half an hour of Indian head massage followed by half an hour of Reiki.

If you prefer to come to me, you can book a room at Anahata Health Clinic in Kemptown, Brighton.

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Helen Natasha Moore

About Reiki and me

One afternoon in Brighton in December 1998 someone drove into my parked car, leaving the front of the car smashed up and sitting on the ground. I discovered this shortly before my appointment for my first ever Reiki treatment.

As I was a student at the time, without much spare cash, I had insured my car for only third party damage. There was no note left.

I knew almost nothing about Reiki at that time. So, I felt quite awed on sharing my pain at the clinic that day when the Reiki practitioner smilingly assured me that Reiki is magic and that I might just find that after the treatment, the situation with my car would resolve itself.

After my Reiki session, I returned to where my car had been hit. It occurred to me then to knock on one of the doors in the street. I picked one. Immediately a man answered, holding a piece of paper on which he had written down the details of the vehicle that had driven into my car.

The insurance money I was now able to claim covered my MOT fixes too! My love for Reiki had begun. ...

Stress relief

One of the main benefits of healing therapies is relaxation, or stress relief. When you are stressed, you create dis-ease in your mind or body. According to a survey of UK residents conducted in January 2018 ...

  • 85% feel stress regularly
  • 37% feel stressed for at least one full day per week
  • 54% of people who are stressed worry about the effect this is having on their health
  • women stress most about money
  • men stress most about work
  • students suffer from stress the most

Stress relief tips

Stress is so often the cause of illness and pain. It affects us physically and mentally. Anything we can do to eliminate or reduce stress, will have a positive impact on our health and our life.

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Notice nature

Of course, a very effective method of stress reduction is to treat yourself to a healing therapy, such as Reiki, Indian head massage, or Sekhem. And you don’t have to go anywhere. I will come to you!

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Blissful music

During sessions I play music composed by a spiritual teacher from New Zealand, called Kip Mazuy. Kip composes his music whilst in a state of intense concentration achieved through meditation. This state is known as samadhi. He uses sound technology to induce states akin to being in the physical presence of an enlightened guru, which is known as receiving Shaktipat. His music transmits Kundalini Shakti, the energy of unconditional peace, of pure consciousness.

Kip Mazuy also holds free weekly online Satsangs (sacred gatherings).

Sample of For She Who Tears Apart Thought from the album Pure


Any amount of meditation is good for your mental health, especially so when you don't feel like meditating. If you are physically able, sit upright without your back being supported. And try one of the following.

Body scanning

Starting at the crown of your head, put your attention there. Very slowly, move your attention downwards, through your face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, chest, torso, legs, feet, toes ... And then, just as slowly, move your attention back up to the crown of your head.


Focus your attention on your breath. If it is comfortable for you, breathe in through your nose and out through your nose. When you breathe out, do so fully, expelling all air from your body. Breathe in for a count of 2, hold for a count of 2, breathe out for a count of 4. Continue to do this but slow your counting down (maintaining the same ratios of in/hold/out), as far as it is comfortable for you to do so. Then reverse the process.

White light

Imagine a white light descending on you. Very slowly this white light fills every part of you, infusing your whole mind and body with a sense of peace. And picture any tension or negative emotions being dispelled in clouds of grey until there is only white light.

Tensing and releasing

Starting with your face, tense up every muscle and hold it there for a few seconds before releasing the tension. Work your way down your body with every muscle you can find, right down to your toes.

Blissful reading

And just because everyone should know about this ... The Work of Byron Katie is a mind-blowingly effective emotional healing tool. We ask ourselves four set questions about any painful situation in our lives. With Katie’s skilled guidance, the answers are often hilarious, always illuminating.

A thought is harmless unless we believe it.
Byron Katie