What are Chakras?

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. Chakras are energy centres—spinning wheels—through which energy enters and leaves both our physical body and the bodies of the aura. They bring in universal ki (Japanese word for the Chinese chi, meaning ‘life force’) and transform it into the frequencies our subtle energy system needs to keep us healthy.

The lowest or base chakra brings in the lower frequencies that are needed for physical survival. The highest or crown chakra brings in the spiritual levels of energy. There are 7 major chakras. A major chakra is a point where 21 lines of energy cross the body. All our chakras must be spinning freely for optimal health, so they are all as important as each other.

Each chakra has a corresponding colour. If a chakra is not functioning well, you can balance it by using more of that chakra’s colour. You can wear the colour, buy flowers, burn candles, or decorate a room in the colour. Another great way to balance your chakras is with a healing therapy treatment such as Reiki, Sekhem, or Indian head massage.

Each chakra helps us with an aspect of our lives:
Crown: Spirituality
Third eye: Extra-sensory perception
Throat: Self-expression
Heart: Love
Solar plexus: Self-confidence
Sacrum: Social interaction
Base: Sex and physical security

The 7 major chakras
The 7 major chakras

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